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California Bar Exam vs. California Attorneys exam

In California, attorneys who are licensed in another jurisdiction for at least four consecutive years are eligible to take what is known as the “California Attorneys Exam”.   This exam is no different than the California Bar Exam except that qualifying out-of-state attorneys do not have to take the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).  The multistate bar exam is a 200-question multiple choice exam covering seven substantive areas of law.   Rather than endure a two-day exam, attorneys can enjoy “the one and done” California attorneys exam.  Unfortunately, the pass rate among out-of-state attorneys taking the California Attorney’s exam might suggest otherwise. On average, attorneys take this exam more than once, which begs the question whether the multistate bar exam is an attractive option for out-of-state attorneys

If an attorney happens to be a good multiple-choice test taker, then the MBE may help raise their overall score. The problem is that many out-of-state attorneys are working while they are studying for the exam and simply cannot dedicate the additional hours necessary to achieve a high MBE score.  A custom-tailored approach to studying seems to be the best option.  Attorneys are busy, and very rarely can an attorney take off the time necessary to study for the California Attorney’s exam.  With well over 17 substantive areas of law to master, an out-of-state attorney must allocate his/her precious time in the most efficient manner possible.  A customized one-on-one approach dedicated to attorneys only is the best option.

Focusing on how the exam is tested, and practicing the written section is a great place to start.  Experts in the field of the California Bar exam like Executive Bar Review know how to navigate the tricky waters of the exam and help ensure that attorneys work only on the materials necessary for their specific exam.  That way, the focus becomes on what you must know for the attorney’s exam versus having to weed out the information not necessary to that part of the exam.  The MBE then may not be the best choice for attorneys if they are preparing the right way.

Best of luck to all attorneys on the upcoming California Bar Exam.  We look forward to welcoming our attorney applicants to the practice of law in California.

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