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California Bar Prep

The Executive Bar Review™ tutorial program is specifically designed to assist full-time professionals in preparation for the California Bar Exam or California Attorneys Exam. Our focused, strictly One-on-One course is uniquely crafted to address the schedule limitations and special requirements of working professionals and lawyers from other jurisdictions. Widely recognized as the most difficult exam administered in the United States, the California Bar requires sincere attention and dedication. With a full-time work schedule, that can be very challenging if not impossible. All Executive Bar Review candidates are on very tight schedules. On average, each applicant can only allocate roughly 2 hours per day toward Bar Exam Preparation. With that in mind, our program eschews time-consuming exercises and voluminous texts in favor of efficient techniques for learning and applying the substantive law to the California bar exam’s parameters. A high level of sophistication is required in any passing answer. Execbar teaches applicants exam specific substance and style as well as proper format and content for presenting a passing essay or Performance Exam answer. The Executive Bar Review approach to the MBE also removes the guesswork and allows candidates to quickly assess the choices and arrive at the correct answer.

Our candidates do not have the time to “find the answer”. That’s our job. Executive Bar Review teaches candidates how to attack the bar exam efficiently without wasting valuable time.

Our Staff

Executive Bar Review’s attorney instructors are highly trained bar exam experts with considerable experience in the field and are well versed in the intricacies of the California exam. Our attorney instructors specialize in the bar exam. It is their area of practice. They are not part-time lawyers filling hours. Executive Bar Review’s specialists have prepared lawyers from many of the country’s most prestigious firms, law school faculties and corporations.

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