As the best california bar exam prep for working attorneys, here are some quick facts we’ve learned over the years:

1) Yes, you have to sit for the  California bar or Attorneys exam.

California requires that all out of state attorneys sit for and pass the California bar exam or abbreviated California Attorneys exam prior to entering practice in the state. California does not offer reciprocity. It should, but it does not.  Not a big deal. It’s just another bar exam, right? No.

2) Your specialized practice area will not help you pass the California bar exam.

  The California bar exam tests over 14 substantive areas of law. Your answers will need to reflect your general knowledge of all of these areas. The skills and strategies necessary to pass this exam are not the same skills you use in your practice of law.

3) Having passed another state’s bar exam does not mean you can “wing it” in California.

The California bar exam is consistently the hardest bar exam in the country to pass.  Being well prepared and implementing a strategic study plan is your best course of action.

4) The aggregate pass rate for out of state attorneys is less than 50%.

If you have to take the test a second time, the pass rate drops by half to approximately 1 in 4. Do not take this exam lightly and prepare properly.

5) For out of state attorneys and full-time professionals there is a “right way” to prepare.

The Executive Bar Review Program is the only dedicated course designed specifically and exclusively for professionals with full-time work schedules sitting for the California Bar Exam and licensed out of state attorneys preparing for the California Attorneys Exam.  Our unique One-on-One program creates a focused study plan tailored to integrate with each candidate’s individual substantive and scheduling requirements. Execbar’s attorney instructors are seasoned Bar Exam experts and the most experienced tutors in the field. This is our area of practice. We are the very best at what we do.

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    5 Things Every Out of State Attorney Needs To Know November 20, 2013