Which administration of the California Attorneys Bar Exam offers the practicing professional the best opportunity for a passing result?

Statistically, for the general bar examination, one would think the July exam is a better option.  The pass rate in July overall is simply higher than the pass rate in February.  Working professionals however are another case. If we take a look at the statistics for the Attorney’s exam, we find that the pass rate is higher in February than it is in July.  So, what gives?  There are a few things to consider. The February applicant pool consists primarily of repeat exam candidates, whereas the July applicant pool consists primarily of applicants fresh out of law school ready to sit for their very first exam. Working professionals simply do not have the time to study “full time” in preparation for any bar exam, so the playing field is somewhat uneven in July.  On the other hand, working professionals sitting for the California Attorney’s exam have the benefit of discipline as well as a wealth of experience, which can translate come exam day.  By and large however, it seems that the February exam is somewhat more advantageous to the practicing professionals because he/she will be testing among repeat takers.  The statistics don’t lie. The first time you take the California Bar exam is your best chance of passing.  Therefore, taking an exam for the first time among those who are repeating the bar exam can give you that extra statistical edge.  With that said, the best chance to pass the California bar or Attorneys exam comes with the best preparation.  We have seen time and time again: without ample preparation and practice, the results hardly ever work out in your favor.  Be smart in your preparation. Work with a program that can teach you the strategies necessary for achieving passing results.  The California Attorney’s exam is more about method and diligent practice than it is about legal substance.  Learn the game, practice the game, win the game.
Best of luck to all on the February 2014 California Bar or Attorney’s Examination.



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