“I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, how will I remember all of the exceptions to the Hearsay Rule?”

The California Bar exam is famous for being the most difficult exam administered in the United States.  Most law students approach graduation with mixed feelings; a sense of accomplishment after completing three to four years of hard work and dread for the three day exam that awaits them right after graduation. Those students are fortunate in that they are still in “study mode” and are often able to push through the three months of intense preparation for the bar as a continuation of their still ingrained study habits.

But what about those accomplished professionals and out of state attorneys who choose to sit for the California Bar Exam 15- 25 years post graduation?  Is it possible to learn how to study after being so far removed from a classroom setting?  In successfully preparing out of state attorneys and working professionals for the California Bar exam for over 17 years I am often presented with the question, “can I really do this”?  Yes you can, and in my experience, you will outperform those “kids” coming right out of school.  Experience has taught you that your time is precious and that every minute matters.  In designing a study plan specific to working professionals the Executive Bar Review Program maximizes your study time by tailoring a plan to your specific substantive and schedule requirements vs. saddling you with a cookie-cutter approach that does not approach you as an individual or a professional.

What tends to decrease as we advance in years is our ability to retain information.  Mainly because we simply have more information to store. This is easily overcome by presenting the bar exam applicant with short bursts of information.  ‘’Baby steps” I often joke, will help you to retain and understand the overwhelming amount of information.  The Executive Bar Review program presents a concept, reinforces it with a hypothetical, and then provides the tools necessary to imprint the information in a way that you can easily recall and implement on the exam

In preparing for the California exam, time management is essential.  That is why the Executive Bar Review program custom tailors a study program specifically designed for YOUR life.

A bit of advice:  If you are an out of state attorney seeking admission to California, or if you are a working professional planning to take the exam, give yourself enough time.  Cramming like a law student will not work.  It is much better to take a longer time period and gradually work towards mastering the material.

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