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Why is it so difficult to pass the California Bar Exam?

So much noise surrounds the difficulty of the California Bar Exam and the plummeting pass rates, yet there is very little definitive commentary on why that is and how to overcome seemingly impossible odds.  Really, the California Bar Exam is not that difficult.  It tests many of

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New July 2018 California Attorneys – Congratulations!!

We are pleased to recognize all of our Executive Bar Review July 2018 successful California bar exam and California Attorneys Exam candidates.  Passing the California bar exam is an impressive achievement even for out of state attorneys licensed in another jurisdiction.  The California bar is consistently the most difficult bar

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Don’t Blame The California Bar Exam

Don’t Blame the California Bar Exam Learn the Test Over the last few days, we have seen many articles draw out California’s historically low pass rate. Yes, the February 2018 California Bar Exam yielded an all-time low-only 27.5 percent of California bar exam applicants passed. Even the median MBE

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February or July? A dilemma for the California Attorneys’ Exam Candidate • Executive Bar Review offers a proven perspective.

Which administration of the California Attorneys Bar Exam offers the practicing professional the best opportunity for a passing result? Statistically, for the general bar examination, one would think the July exam is a better option.  The pass rate in July overall is simply higher than the pass

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A? B? C? D? Tough Call – 10 Tips for MBE Success

Courtesy of Executive Bar Review By Fedora J. Nick A? B? C? D? Tough call. All four answer choices seem plausible. This is a very common tale among bar exam applicants sitting for the Mulitstate Bar Exam, better known as the MBE.  The MBE is a 200

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