Executive Bar Review is the only bar exam preparation program designed exclusively for out of state attorneys and busy working professionals sitting for the California bar exam.

Quite frankly, requiring a seasoned out of state attorney to sit for a bar exam is an exercise in the ridiculous. How can one possibly manage a full time work schedule while trying to memorize (or re-memorize) and understand California Community Property, let alone the numerous exceptions to the hearsay rule, and the various degrees of Murder?  And moreover, why should a New York lawyer specializing in transactional intellectual property law be required to swallow the complex rules of California joinder and impleader?

Many states open the practice of law to out-of-state applicants who have already been admitted to the bar of another state. While each state establishes its own criteria for admission, reciprocal agreements between states are common, except if you are planning on coming out to California.  Although California offers a shorter bar examination for attorneys licensed in other states in good standing for at least four years prior to application, attorneys must still master  over 17 substantive areas of law, and then sit through a 2 day 12 hour writing exercise.

Frustration with the California Attorney’s exam and the study process in general can be easily tamed with proper time management and expert bar exam preparation.  The Attorneys at Executive Bar Review work exclusively with out of state attorneys maintaining rigorous work schedules.  The bar exam experts at Executive Bar Review create a customized study plan for each attorney, and then assign a bar exam expert to work personally and privately  with that individual.  EBR tells you what you need to know to pass, plain and simple. The expert attorney instructors at Executive Bar Review teach method and substance simultaneously.  If for example, defamation is the topic of the day, our instructors not only tell you what the law is, but more importantly, how to specifically apply it to the exam.  Executive Bar Review teaches you how to pass the test—being a good lawyer is all on you.

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